by Goemagot

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Impoverished has faith to cure famine
Judged for religion
Children's' prayers becoming stronger with desire
With their outlook dire
Communities unbinding and gangs undying
"The world is shit"
and flooding us with it
Push away different people who're binding
Because of superficial trivialities
Religion's crusade the holocaust 9/11
Comforting Katrina and cleaning off Haiyan.
'Archaic and ignorant' and 'science is all"
Universal morals, dying society
You're damning believers who aren't the fault
Man weeps at his blood watering the grass
Gutting out hope and progress
Families miss Sunday mass
Mankind progresses when we decapitate ourselves
It's important for the innocent to die
No universe matter
Make them suffer, in death nothings left after
With a bleak ending end him? His life shattered family splattered
Is your life affected negatively? You're free
Fuck letting lives believe
Because acceptance is happiness progress and prosperity
Bigotry plants seeds with piss and blood
There are no gains from a corpse in the mud
They both predict an end. There will be an end.
Intolerance suffocating. Choke down the bile
Refine ignorance, sift out the vile
Through brawn and blood our brains stay dead
Through brawn and blood
We should die because we're fucked
Bigotry succeeds
Differences, consequences there is no end
Through brawn and blood our brains stay dead
Religion and science, they will never come to terms
Be vain. Waste away

(The lyrics have 3 voices: the religious, the non-religious, and the indifferent. The content represents the struggle of balancing contrasting views in a world where many believe their ways of life and beliefs are correct and everything else is stupid: Bigotry. The video represents the turmoil that accompanies this.)


released April 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Goemagot Rochester, New York

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